Hutton Electric Company

A Brief History


The Year is 1937

The Bristol Municipal Stadium, more commonly called “The Stone Castle”, has recently been completed by the Works Project Administration, as part of FDR’s New Deal. 

McKellar Field, later to be known as the Tri-Cities Regional Airport, opens for business, and lands its first commercial airliner, an American Airlines DC-2. 

A local man, named Fred Alfred Hutton, starts Hutton Electric Company, thereby establishing a family owned business, which will still be in operation four generations later. 

The company employs several dozen skilled workers, and is licensed to operate in the states of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. With several crews of experienced technicians, and a fleet of trucks, vans, and specialized equipment (including excavating and ditching equipment, lifts, and bucket and boom trucks), the company has completed over one hundred large scale commercial and industrial projects within the past five years. 

At Hutton Electric Company, we take pride in our work, and we prove it through our performance.


In addition to standard 120/208 and 480 volt systems, Hutton Electric can also perform a variety of other types of work. This includes high voltage work (up to 34.5KV), and the installation of fire alarm systems (addressable and hard-wired), as well as CAT 3/5/6 and fiber optic based data/com systems.

 With an office and warehouse located in Bristol, Hutton Electric Company is centrally located, and able to respond twenty-four hours a day to emergency situations within our service area.